Online Payment

Device Integration

Paying online has become one of the most popular savvy features of any software. People are moving
to the online payment system that manages multiple modes of payment. The Tankhwapatra software has the payment gateway
integrated with it that helps companies make payments online. Through this integration, the company can pay the employee’s salaries
in the most safest way keeping in mind the sensitive account information.

Benefits of Online Payment

Device Integration
Device Integration

Secures employee data information

The Tankhwapatra software keeps the employee's information secure when making the payments online.

Device Integration

Ease of use

Using the Tankhwapatra software, paying online is a way better option as compared to the manual methods of payment because it eliminates human errors and theft.

Key Features of Online Payment in Tankhwapatra

Device Integration
Device Integration

Real time transactions

The transactions are real time as payments and receipts are acknowledged instantly.

Device Integration

Secure transactions

The transactions are secure as the payment gateway within the Tankhwapatra software establishes your identity before sending and receiving payments.

Device Integration

Saves physical efforts

The Tankhwapatra software helps make payments online and this eliminates the need to physically visit the banks to make payments.

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